Recess: Biking in the Rain

22 08 2010

How I wish I had brought my camera today, but I forgot. 😦

The weather forecast is for rain solid for the next three days, which happen to be the last three days of my summer vacation. And I had my heart set today on a long family bike ride — longer than we had attempted before — to an abandoned old mill and its waterfall, for a picnic.

You know we’re too intrepid to abandon the plan, right?

We packed our picnic, warm clothes on our backs and more warm clothes in a giant ziploc so we could have a drier ride home, and set off. Steady soaking drizzle drenched us the whole way, but the ride was simply gorgeous and magical anyway.

We road east along the Northern Rail Trail along the lake until we reached a granite corridor rising up on both sides of the trail. Next was an apparently abandoned house we reached by following our noses down a long, mysterious trail. The house, on a point of Lake Mascoma, would be reachable only by boat, bike, or snowmobile, but was wonderful with its old stone fireplace and amazing view. We went by the old Enfield train station — now used to garage ambulances. We drove through Enfield and wondered whether a thunderstorm would kick up that would require us to have an afternoon snack at one of the restaurants we’d never tried. (Thankfully, it didn’t.) We went under a long, mysterious, railroad overpass and sang Little Red Corvette at the top of our lungs for the good acoustics. Ultimately we landed at the old mill, took out our lunch of bread, cheese, roasted veggies, and chocolate, and had a good meal before changing into those oh-so-welcome dry clothes for the ride home. A wonderful ride, and another example of weather being no deterrent to magic.




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