Math: BTUs and multiplication

10 07 2010

We tackled a *very difficult* multiplication problem in this math lesson. In this exercise, again from Aunt Betsy’s math textbook, she had us calculate the BTUs needed to cool a room with an air conditioner, using a complicated formula that required you to figure the area of all the room’s windows — separately and added together — the area of the room itself, and the room’s perimeter. Then each of those numbers had to be multiplied by a factor taken from forms that really do calculate these things. One thing I love about Betsy’s text is it uses real life examples that show how math functions are used in the real world. We could have done the calculation for a room in our house, but for once we kept it simple(r) and used the sample room dimensions she provided. It took most of an hour, but Floppy was finally able to complete this incredible problem. Here’s the finished worksheet, followed by a picture that illustrates how challenging this work is.




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