Physical Play: Swimming Lessons

7 07 2010

Floppy is straight-up terrified of the water. Here he is, blessed with the unheard-of luxury to actually live on a beautiful New Hampshire lake, and he screams and cries as if we’re murdering him whenever we insist he enter further up than his knees.

It’s not a good situation. This year, we put our foot down and signed him up for beginning swimming lessons at our local pool. He hates that, too. He’s the oldest kid in the class, and the most totally uncooperative. That’s not really a good situation either. So since I have a week off of work, we’ve been doing family swimming lessons at home.

That faint screaming you’ve been hearing probably emanates from our neighborhood.

He is making some progress, though. He is now able to swim, with a pool noodle….

out to our swimming float (which floats in a death-defying depth of about four feet)….

And after much weeping and gnashing of teeth….

somehow end up in the water…

And even swim back….

where, safely upon shore, he cursed our other offspring for seven generations or so, before going inside and calling his grandmother to brag about his fabulous accomplishment.

A pretty good lesson. Now we’re working on actually putting his head in the water without having to jump off the swim float to do it. Terrifying, I tell you.




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7 07 2010
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