Writing: An Exciting Weekend

5 06 2010

Memorial Day weekend was an exciting one for Floppy. On Saturday, our neighbor invited him over for a day of playing secret agent with her grandniece, hot-tubbing, boating over to the Baited Hook for ice cream, and feasting on brats and potato salad. A pretty good gig! So today it was time to write a thank you note for her generosity. We sent it along with a blueberry upside down cake, which is the most delicious thing you can do with a blueberry.

The other exciting thing about Memorial Day weekend was taking a trip down to Boston to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the mummies. Floppy has been studying ancient Egypt in his real school, and he knew an amazing amount about everything we saw. The museum was having its annual open house, when admission (normally 16 dollars) is free, and also the special ancient Egypt exhibit (admission usually $20) is open free to all comers. I thought it would be mobbed, but it wasn’t bad. Plus, there were lots of cool art-making activities:

However, the trip was extra exciting because right in the middle of our lunch a scary-sounding siren went off, and a nice guard told us we had to evacuate! We evacuated. Rapidly, I might add. Then fire trucks came. But whatever it was, it wasn’t much of an emergency, so the Boston fire department graciously let the kids crawl all over the trucks while we waited to go back inside.

Floppy blogged about the trip much more concisely on his own blog.




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