Reading: Ozma of Oz

5 06 2010

Continuing through the Oz books, we finished Ozma of Oz. In this book, I find Dorothy’s bravery sort of jealousy-inducing and not very believable. She gets swept overboard from the ocean liner she was supposed to be taking to Australia, and ends up riding a chicken coop, very calmly, all the way to fairyland. It helps that she’s accompanied by a lone surviving chicken, who once reaching the fairy land of Ev begins to talk.

For reading aloud, giving the characters accents is lots of fun: Billina  the chicken is one part clucking and two parts Kansas farmgirl, Dorothy gets just a little flavor of Midwestern twang thrown in to tell her apart from Ozma, and Tik-Tok the mechanical man gets a clangy, singsongey robot voice.

My favorite part of Ozma of Oz, though, is Ozma’s lunchbox trees. When Dorothy washes up  on shore she hasn’t eaten in two days, but what is the first thing she should find but a tree on which is growing delicious ripe lunchboxes. Inside each ripe lunchbox (you can tell them from the unripe because the unripe are smaller, and tinged with green), lovely wax-paper wrapped sandwiches, fruit, and cookies are growing. Someday I plan to go to the land of Ev, collect a cutting, and plant just such a tree here on our rail trail, so anyone who is out walking can come have a bite.

Or maybe, like Amberlee, I’ll just start by growing cupcakes:




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