A Trip To Mexico

5 06 2010

Continuing our journey through the countries South of our own, we visited Mexico.  The Putumayo book gave us some context about the country, and we turned to youtube for Mexican styles of music from mariachi to son jorocho to sappy rancheras to scary corridos. We had a delicious meal of tacos with refried beans, sour cream, cheese, spiced chicken, and lettuce in homemade tortillas.

Everyone enjoyed it.

We learned vocabulary words like chilpayate, orale, and quihubo, and looked up new musical instruments such as the guitarron, the ocarina, and the jarana. We also talked about holidays celebrated in Mexico, such as Cinco de Mayo (which actually I think is probably a bigger celebration North of the border, but whatever), Dia de los Muertos, Mexican independence day, and Las Posadas. We also saw pictures of animals that live in Mexico, such as the Quetzal (such a gorgeous bird), the Gray Whale of the Baja peninsula, and of course chihuahuas. Our friend Sue’s sometime chihuahua, Bambi, had just come to visit, so that was good timing.

Finally, we made a pinata. Because I am an idiot, I got very stuck on our household’s lack of balloons (which I intended to use for papier mache). After a distressingly long time, it occurred to me that I did not actually have to make our pinata out of papier mache and balloons. Working only with materials on hand, then, we assembled Senor Guapo, whose base is two King Arthur Flour store bags, covered in leftover wrapping paper, craft supplies, pictures, cereal box bits, and tin foil. Voila!

With his fedora and wingtips, he is indeed guapo, don’t you think?

Here is how Floppy recorded our trip in his passport:




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