Math: Amharic 1-10

8 05 2010

Amharic is not actually one of the languages Childcraft suggests for 1-10 learning. However, Floppy’s wonderful cousin Carol heard that he was interested in cheetahs and offered to send him a memoir she had written for her own granddaughter about the years (1973-1977) that she lived in Ethiopia, during which time she had a cheetah called Pussy Cat for a pet. Amharic is one of Ethiopia’s official languages, and in the book — which is totally fascinating — Carol tells how to count 1-10 in Amharic. So we read, and practiced, and, since we were in Washington D.C. for Split This Rock instead of home at the time, we were able to eat an Ethiopian meal in an actual Ethiopian restaurant. Delicious, and a nice break from our DIY trips around the world.




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