Physical Play: A Springtime Walk

28 04 2010

It was cold and snowy last night — yes, I know it’s late April, this is Northern New England, so what? — so Floppy’s baseball practice was canceled. But we aren’t afraid of a little bluster, so we took a family walk on the trail behind our house at sunset. And we saw lots of amazing things! Like a mysterious windy fairy staircase:

We found lots of fiddlehead ferns. (Can anyone ID this species for us, so we know if we can eat them?)

We saw that the beavers had been busy….

And we saw what they had been busy doing:

We saw *enormous* wild strawberry plants in flower…

and docks waiting for summer to arrive:

We didn’t forget to see the sky:

Never be afraid of the weather. It was a wonderful walk.




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