1-10 in Spanish

28 02 2010

Spanish was easier, since again everyone in this household *except* Floppy already knew how to do it. But of course we sacrificed a lot of authenticity along the way as far as the culture lesson went. Still, we did listen to traditional Mexican music while we learned our numbers, and that led to a quick lesson in how to operate the antique castanets we have to play along.

Also, DH made homemade flour tortillas, and I made a lemon/onion/coriander/butter/orange flavored rice, beans with bacon fat, and salsa-cream cheese dip to make up the tex-mex food portion of the lesson. DH makes awesome tortillas.

We made a groovy video of Floppy counting tortilla dough balls to show you, but it’s an .avi file, and wordpress won’t let me show it to you. 😦 If anyone knows how to fix this, I am all ears!




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