1-10 in French

13 02 2010

We learned to count 1-10 in French, which was much easier than Chinese, Japanese, or Hindi, because I already knew how to do it. So I taught Floppy. The cuisine part was much harder, though: no cheese or cream or chocolate or meat or fruits in the house, so I was having trouble coming up with something French to make.

I’m always happy to have an excuse to visit King Arthur’s, though. I had in mind croissants or pain au chocolat, but arriving there at 4:00 on a Saturday, I could forget it. The bakery cases were completely bare. So, we bought some triple cream cheese and some Hartwell cheese and a package with a couple of slices of country-pork-and-pistachio terrine with good mustard, pickled onions, lettuce, and cornichons. That, plus some good bread and wine, was our French supper. My, it was delicious.

After dinner, I did something I bet no one else I know does when buying and consuming deli meat. I had warmed up the two slices of terrine in a pan with olive oil and a bit of brown sugar. When the pork had warmed up, of course it added some other juices to the pan. When I’d served it, there was no more than a tablespoon of pan drippings left in the pan, but still…. I couldn’t let it go to waste. So, I heated it up with a tablespoon of flour, some salt, some pepper, the wine left in my glass (maybe 4 ounces or so), another 4 ounces or so of water, and a 1/2 teaspoon or so of vegetable base from the fridge (base is the same thing as bouillon, just a bit more delicious). I ended up with a little less than a cup of truly decadent and delicious gravy that will make a nice lunch for us with biscuits tomorrow.  All out of something that I suspect no one else would even think of as food to be wasted. Yum.




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