Building a Sailboat

10 01 2010

For his birthday, Floppy’s uncle gave him an Uberstix Sailboat kit

It’s a clever idea: This is one toy in a building system that can incorporate recycled items like Popsicle sticks, paper clips, and plastic bottles, and that can also mate with most other building kits, like Legos and K’nex. It’s also designed to make high quality buildable toys that work and last, rather than things you disassemble and put away. And, it comes with lab sheets that encourage you to make modifications to the basic design and test out how they work, making an excellent science project. It even comes with suggested ways to use broken pieces to enhance your creativity. I really like the design.

All that said, though, it was rated for ages 8+. Floppy is just 7, and it was totally above his head. I’m 37, my husband is 39, and half the time it was totally above our heads.

I think this would be a terrific toy and science project for an engineering-minded older kid, but could be frustrating if building toys and projects are not your forte.




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